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Short Stories in Latin and Cyrillic Script

C1 = Advanced High

Six short stories around the topic VREME, which has two meanings in Serbian: time and weather. The first short story “Vreme zauvek” tells about time and weather in a positive and life-affirming tone and is dedicated to the famous Serbian writer and journalist Dušan Radović; the second short story “Vreme ujutro” tells about a very specific moment in the morning that each of us knows well – when we are supposed to get up from the warm bed; the third short story “Vreme u snu” tells of an unusual dream, time in a dream and a problem; the fourth short story deals with a card playing group and their special philosophy of life; the fifth story is a tale about a special relationship with time; the last short story “Vremena” tells of the meeting of two ladies – one called Weather and one called Time. 

The short stories are written in both Latin and Cyrillic script and at the end of the book there is the vocabulary list Serbian – English.

Author: Snežana Stefanović
Pages: 72 | ISBN: 978-3754957882 | Formats: paperback, e-book

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