Serbian Reading Book “Idemo dalje 2”: Level A1

Short reading texts in Latin and Cyrillic Script by Snežana Stefanović

Serbian Reading Book "Idemo dalje 2" by Snezana Stefanovic - All Rights Reserved ©

The Serbian reader “Idemo dalje 2” for language level A1 contains short reading texts written in both of Serbian alphabets — the Latin and the Cyrillic. In this way the learner practices not only the vocabulary and the syntax of the Serbian language for the speaking level A1, it is also a good exercise of the Cyrillic alphabet at the same time. Grammatically, the texts are written in the present tense and the topics are adapted especially for the language level A1 (Beginners) according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). As further help and as an overview, the table at the beginning of the book provides the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet. The vocabulary list in Serbian – English is located at the end of the book.

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