Serbian A2 Jokes and Anecdotes Pt.2 / Srpski A2 Vicevi i anegdote 2. deo

Short reading texts in Latin and Cyrillic Script by Snežana Stefanović

Serbian A2 Jokes and Anecdotes 1 - Sprski A2 Vicevi i anegdote 1 © All Rights Reserved,

This book is designed for learners of Serbian language who are already stable at the level A1 and who want to expand their vocabulary in an amusing and enjoyable way. The communication in everyday language use will be benefited. The texts are written in both of Serbian alphabets: the Latin and the Cyrillic, and they consist of short dialogues in the form of jokes and anecdotes. Questions below the texts can be used to start a conversation.

The vocabulary list at the end of the book can be used for a quick lookup of less known words.

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